This blog is devoted to my architectural sketching adventures and musings about the integration of architecture and sketching.
I hope not only to share my own on-location architectural sketches but provide tips and methodologies for sketching and understanding architecture.
Also, most importantly, I wish to explore ways in which, in a digital age, we can not only defend but
promote freehand sketching within the architectural profession.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Complex buildings are fun - The Louvre

Just going through some old sketchbooks I came across this sketch from my first serious sketching trip in 2009 - 3 weeks in the UK and 1 week in Paris with my great sketching buddy Esther.

This is a rare black and white sketch  - I don't do many of them do I? The reason is that I lost my paint tin on the flight to Paris....but this is really besides the point.

The thing that I want to share is the mud map that I did before attempting the sketch. This was the way that I explored the building for myself  - the way I got to know it. After doing this diagram I found the main sketch a lot easier.... fun!

The more I sketch the less I need to do diagrams like this as I my observational skills develop all the time, but if I am presented with a highly complex building, it is really the only way to get to know.


  1. Wow ...the mud sketch seems to simplify the architecture and provide a guideline to proportions. I'm going to use this technique for my architectural sketches ...

    There's this one structure that always stumps me ( ... i'll try your take on it :)

    1. thanks seema.
      Wow! that is some sketch challenge. I would like to have a go at Hawa Mahal!!!!